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Daron Christopher, Former Policy Advisor for the U.S. Dept. of State/Executive Communications – Washington, D.C.


“Jamar Hebert is a passionate community leader and advocate for the importance of mentorship as a catalyst for long-term change.  Through his civic engagement and leadership of 100 Black Men of Greater Florida Gainesville, Inc., he continues to model the brand of servant leadership that our communities need today more than ever.”

Marlena Wesh, HR Executive and Former 2012 Track and Field Olympian – Gainesville, FL.


“Jamar’s Dream it. Plan it. Do it. principles have become a daily regiment for me. It wasn't until he personally introduced me to the concept that I was able to grasp it and apply the fundamentals directly to my personal life. After an achilles surgery ended my professional career as an Olympian, I believed I would be nothing more than a pawn on the chess board of corporate America. I didn't just want to punch a clock and not make a difference. Once I began living by the "dreams, visions, and goals" discussed in this book, it propelled me to a place where I feel I am more than a pawn, but a significant somebody in this life. I am proud to say that I am on track in my journey as an Executive Senior HR Professional. I attribute much of this to Jamar and his insights for directing one’s visions and goals into actionable steps. He has proved to be a great resource not only to millennials like myself, but to anybody out there who is looking to transform their current reality into their extraordinary dreams."

Janettra K. McPherson, Small Business Owner – Dallas, TX.


“I’ve had the pleasure of hiring Jamar to assist in several of my business initiatives as I got started on the journey of entrepreneurship.  Some of what he assisted with includes: seminar co-facilitation, customer experience policy development, and business mentorship.  He is always professional, on-time, and provides exceptional services that has always exceeded my expectations.  When others have failed to offer my business with the right solution, Jamar has delivered!”

Heather Freeman, Executive Director of Admissions and Recruitment at Southern University and A&M College- Baton Rouge, LA.


“Jamar and I previously worked together as peers for over five years, and he proved himself to be a dedicated, results-driven, professional that is committed to success. Jamar was highly instrumental in launching many new organizational initiatives that are still being utilized today. Because of his commitment to excellence, he has been recognized with several awards that praised his leadership abilities. Jamar would be an asset to any organization looking to take the necessary steps to raise the bar.”


David Lewis, MS., DEI Training Consultant with Beloved Community - Little Rock, AR

“Jamar has a type of energy you don’t know you need until you’ve encountered him!  For nearly twenty years, I’ve been able to learn from and grow with Jamar as we’ve navigated new adventures and many exciting endeavors.  His talent for supporting and developing people to achieve their best is simply remarkable.  As a recognized leader in Corporate America, Jamar has committed himself to ambitious goals that are achieved with care and humility. He is a teacher and mentor who takes seriously the responsibility for raising the next generation of leaders.  I believe that many of us who have been blessed to cross paths with Jamar would agree that we’ve been positively impacted by his vision for and commitment to the greater calling for a life’s work guided by humble leadership and unrelenting service.”

Thomas Hauck - Author and Book Developer.JPG

Thomas Hauck, Author and Developer – Gloucester, MASS.

“It was my great pleasure and a privilege to assist Jamar in developing his groundbreaking book, Dream It. Plan It. Do It. In this book, Jamar shares his inspirational message of hope for economic empowerment, a cause for which he has tirelessly campaigned. Too often we’re discouraged by life’s setbacks and the challenges placed before us, especially if those challenges are not of our own choosing. Jamar shows that determination, strength, and courage can overcome these challenges. With optimism, a dream, a plan, and sustained action, success is not only possible but assured.”


Whitney “FitWhit” McKinnie, Fitness Instructor – Lake Charles, LA.

“When starting my fitness business, I didn’t know where to begin. Jamar provided excellent business tactics that allowed me to launch successfully and shortly after my sales skyrocketed!  Now that my business is expanding, through Jamar’s business consulting and his debut book, it could not have come at a better time. It’s dreamed. It’s planned. Time for action!”

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