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J.Hébert Companies was hatched from the expert mind of CEO Jamar Hébert. Hébert spent several years working in the telecommunications industry at the local, regional and corporate levels and realized that there was a growing margin between consumer wants and needs. Over time he honed his abilities for the skillful identification of consumers’ needs and the delivery of viable solutions for those needs. Stemming from his enthusiasm for helping others, his education, his experiences working in the private sector and his philanthropic endeavors; Hébert decided to form J.Hébert Companies: a unique business development and marketing firm that focuses on increasing customer satisfaction by incorporating new and traditional trends. This firm fosters partnerships and bridges gaps between the wants and needs of consumers by strategically establishing, creating, engaging, empowering and connecting with them by way of offering diverse, innovative and superior services.

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We will boldly develop and foster partnerships through investing, branding, and managing business opportunities.


We will use innovative strategies to attract, retain, and bridge services that positively impact multiple industries.


We will inspire the community by supporting altruistic and philanthropic efforts with a global perspective.


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