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The 100 Black Men of Greater Florida GNV Chapter is a group of Black Men committed to making a meaningful difference in the community they serve. The influence of this chapter is achieved through the cultivation of partnerships with respected social and professional organizations who share a similar passion for affecting positive change.

The Chapter’s membership is comprised of representation from North Central Florida nearby metropolitan cities: Gainesville, Newberry, Alachua, and Archer. Situated among the giants of the north central Florida charitable community-based organizations, this group is well positioned to create much needed programs addressing the importance of education, health and wellness, mentoring, and financial empowerment. The intellectual diversity present in this chapter’s membership combined with social partnerships from all four geographic locations creates a solid framework for an extensive youth mentoring network. With a disciplined approach to executing our partnership strategy, The 100 Black Men of Greater Florida GNV Chapter is focused on making a measurable difference in the Black community.

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