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Softback – $25.00

Hardback - $30.00

VIP Box by J. Hebert Companies - $100 (includes: Hardback Book, T-Shirt, and more)


Book Release on Juneteenth 2022


Please note: All pre-ordered books will ship on or before June 19, 2022


Email us at for bulk order discounts.


* In the spirit of giving back, we will be dedicating a generous portion of all book sales to benefit local 100 Black Men chapters mentoring programs across the country. Our lofty goal is to sell 100,000 books by year's end, with the aim of providing critically needed support to benefit young people in our communities.


Book Description:


Foreword by Thomas W. Dortch, Jr.


What does it take to navigate modern-day society as a Black Man?


Jamar Hebert has lived the journey as a corporate leader, community activist, and family man – rising through the ranks of the Fortune 500, but all too often finding himself The Only Black Man in the Room.


It is a common experience for many successful African-American leaders, whether in the boardroom, the operating room, the classroom, or City Hall. What does it take to navigate a world that was not built for people of color? And what should others know to be the best possible allies and help build inclusive diverse workplaces and communities?


Written to provide perspective and understanding among readers of all backgrounds and races, Jamar shares reflections from his personal journey, lessons from throughout history, and concrete actionable steps that others can take to ensure their long-term success and happiness when they find themselves The Only Black Man in the Room.

The Only Black Man In The Room

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